Khru Nid Bliss Training Leader

Nid has been with Bliss Mae Baan Network for over 4 years, and brings great value to housekeeping training through her personal experience of over 8 years cleaning and caring for homes of expatriate families in Chiang Mai.


Khru Bpaa Pawn Bliss Training Leader

Bpaa Pawn has recently joined the Bliss Mae Baan Network staff in co-leading housekeeping training. She bring over 20 years of cleaning experience including house cleaner supervision and training experience with local hotel in Chiang Mai.  Bpaa Pawn is excellent at communicating the values and vision of Bliss to each trainee and member.

Nin GEI Thailand Foundation Administrative Assistant

IMG_0987Nin is a member of the Bliss Mae Baan Network and has worked for the Bliss Clean and Care Co. since 2017.

Khru Wilai TeacherIMG_9618

Khru Wilai was born in Thailand and has lived in Singapore and the US. She has been teaching in Chiang Mai for more than 10 years. During her time in Thailand she has taught children in international schools, orphanages, assisted with Thai Translation, and taught adults as a Thai Language Teacher.  Khru Wilai has also been a board member of GEI Thailand Foundation and Bliss Mae Baan Network for several years.  She has been a great encouragement to the women and leaders of the Bliss Mae Baan Network. Khru Wilai is a key member of our Bliss teaching and training team.

Kristi Pic Feb 2020

Kristi Hambrice Bliss Mae Baan Network Founder

Kristi and her family have been living in Chiang Mai for the past 11 years.  Prior to living in Thailand Kristi also lived in India where the vision of empowering and discipling women through cleaning skill training was first envisioned. Kristi serves as the Chief Visionary Officer of the Bliss Mae Baan Network and the Bliss Clean + Care Co.