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Nid website

Khru Areerat “Nid” Bliss Training Leader

 Nid has been with Bliss for over 3 years, and brings great value to both housekeeping and child care training through her personal experience of over 8 years cleaning and caring for children in foreign homes in Chiang Mai.

IMG-4795  Khru Wan Lee “Wan” Bliss Training Leader

 Wan has recently joined the Bliss Mae Baan Network staff in co-leading the housekeeping and child care training. She is excellent at communicating the values and vision of Bliss to each trainee.


Karyn Website

Karyn Kamphausen Bliss English Teacher

Karyn has been living in Chiang Mai for 3 years and has been with Bliss since 2015 leading Bliss English classes, as well as coordinating new Bliss initiatives such as child care training, and additional skill training classes.

Lara website

Lara Rudresh Bliss Training Supervisor

Lara has been living and working with local Thai women in Chiang Mai for the last 13 years and has recently joined the Bliss Mae Baan Network to oversee mae baan training.


BMBN staff pic.

Michelle Carlson Bliss Placement Coordinator

Michelle has been living in Chiang Mai for the past year learning Thai, and has recently taken on managing the Placement/ Employment branch of the Bliss Mae Baan Network.