Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bliss Mae Baan Network offer cleaning services?

The Bliss Mae Baan Network does not offer cleaning services but recommends Bliss Clean + Care Company, which is where you will find a variety of different housekeeping services available in the Chiang Mai area. Please visit the Bliss Clean + Care Company website to learn more.

For assistance in connecting with a trained Bliss Mae Baan Network housekeeper, please reference the hiring page, or contact us directly through the contact page.

I already have a housekeeper, can she attend Bliss training?

Absolutely. We encourage anyone seeking additional training to apply for the Bliss Mae Baan Network Training Program. Employers of mae baans are encouraged to donate at least ฿ 1,000 to cover the cost of training. Please contact us here to begin the process.

Are Bliss housekeepers trained or semi-skilled? 

Some workers come to us with experience and others are novices. During the application and interview process we do our best to determine their skill level although it is subjective. During the housekeeper- mae baan skill training of cleaning a Western home, each candidate is trained on systematic cleaning methods, basic hygiene practices, product and equipment knowledge, communication skills with foreigners, and more.

Are the housekeepers registered with the government? 

Yes. We train housekeepers who are currently citizens of Thailand or have a legal work permit to be employed in Thailand.

What are the average salaries of housekeepers? 

Minimum wage in Thailand is 305 baht a day. The average wage for a Bliss trained housekeeper varies between 350 -500 baht per day depending on training, level of skill, experience, and the details of their employment.

Does Bliss Mae Baan Network provide childcare/ nanny training?

Yes. Although Bliss Mae Baan Network primarily focuses on job skill training and development of housekeepers, we have recently started a supplementary Child Care Training course that introduces the basics of caring for foreign (Western) children, and is designed specifically for housekeepers who work in homes requiring aspects of child care or babysitting.