Creating more Opportunities


Not only is Bliss passionate about training women and helping them find work that they can be proud of, but Bliss also wants to create opportunities for these women that will last a life time.  

So many women come through the doors of Bliss and they not only desire to be employed in a good job, but they also desire to better their life holistically. One skill that we hear so many Mae Baans yearning for is the ability to speak English. Learning English for these women means better jobs, a skill gained, better pay and an achievement that very few are able to attain. 

Bliss is currently in the middle of our first English class for Mae Baans. All the women currently attending the class have been through Bliss training and are currently employed the in the home Bliss placed them in. They have had SO much fun learning and practicing together! 

More than a Job

Nong Pat and her new baby girl
Nong Pat and her new baby girl

Life is so much more than our work.  We all know.  We cherish precious moments. Moments like the birth of Pat’s new baby girl.  BLISS is more than a job-finding service for the women we train.  It becomes a community of new friends.  A new family that provides love and support.  We don’t just cross paths in a training course, but we choose to care for one another.  It was a privilege to make time to visit Pat at the hospital after her daughter was born.  She blessed me with her warm welcome and the obvious delight in the new bundle she held.  I have been helping Pat develop her skills as a Mae Baan and being with her on this special day was just another part of that journey. I believe in her and I want to continue to feel strengthened and capable.  

BLISS is determined to meet this need for community and encouragement in the lives of all the women who cross our path.  We see it as part of the goal of giving these women greater skills, opportunities, and joy in their lives.  It is just who we are and what we believe.  Because life is so much more than a job.




Relationships are what make our lives full, overflowing, effervescent….

They touch the deepest part of our being. We were made for one another.

Me & Re

Ree and I met just 4 months ago and already our love for one another humbles me.  She is my friend as well as my “right-hand” gal for everything “Bliss”.  We want our work at Bliss to be about relationships.  When ladies come to our training classes we do more than give them new skills–we give them new relationships.  They find strength in building new friendships with women like themselves.  At Bliss, we find such JOY in their laughter and in their swapping of phone numbers before they leave our class.  We intend for them to leave with a new fullness in their hearts.  New friends.  Relationships that will rejoice with them in the good times and encourage them in the hard times.  It is one of our purposes and our core beliefs. We make a difference in each other’s lives by choosing to love and laugh and lean on one another.

Making a Difference

At Bliss we have several goals.  Several “bottom-lines” if you will.  And this is a good picture of one of them.  “Employed”.  It means so much to these ladies.  It means stability.  It means hope.  And it means joy.   As the “Employed” number  grows,  so does our JOY at Bliss Mae Baan Network.  Grateful for the opportunity to be a blessing to these women and their families.

This is just one of our goals at Bliss!
This is just one of our goals at Bliss!



Community is a way of living.  A way of life.  Bliss strives to build this kind of living into everything we do.  We believe that in community people can feel safer, stronger, and healthier.  They are empowered to start over, learn new things and have hope.  And they are encouraged by those around them experiencing similar joys and pains.


learning new things

learning new things

new hopes


Blissful Joy


So,  I love my job!! Call me crazy, but I love cleaning and I love it even more with sweet friends by my side.  And the best part of my work with Bliss, is the privilege of giving them an opportunity for greater dignity in the “everydayness” of Mae Baan work.  These ladies and I spent the most of a day cleaning up a house that had been seriously neglected.  They managed to keep me laughing in the dirty work of cleaning things unrecognizable and finding happiness in the simplicity of a job well done.  When we laugh together we build bridges of friendship.  We find commonality across our language and cultural differences.  We find JOY.  And it is for joy that I get up each day and pursue this thing called Bliss.