Mae Baan – Housekeeping Training 

Each member of the Bliss Mae Baan Network is required to complete and pass the five day Bliss Mae Baan – Housekeeping Training Course. Each of the five days consist of specific teaching lessons surrounding the Bliss systematic approach to cleaning and caring for a home, uniquely tailored to the preferences and standards of general Western culture.

The Bliss Mae Baan- Housekeeping Training curriculum includes hands-on teaching of: product and equipment knowledge, aspects of professional and personal job- skill development, cultural lessons when interacting with foreign employers, and much more.

Child Care Training

The Bliss Mae Baan Network Child Care Training Course is an introductory course to the basics of caring for foreign (Western) children. This 5 day training course is designed to assist housekeepers employed in local homes requiring a basic level of child care or babysitting.  Each of the five days of training consist of different lessons surrounding the principles of common Western child care practices.

Including: safety,  hygiene,  feeding,  holding and interacting,  identifying emergency situations,  and more.

Apart from classroom instruction, each student is trained and assessed two separate days in the homes of different foreign families. Each student must pass an assessment at the end of the week as well.

The Bliss Mae Baan Network Child Care Training is a great beginner-level course to supplement new skills for house keepers, and is not designed to be a certification- level of training.


All Bliss Mae Baan Network Training courses proudly taught and led by the Bliss Mae Baan Network multi-national training team.

Training Costs

Operating as a project of GEI Thailand Foundation, Bliss Mae Baan Network does not charge students training course fees. The operating cost for each student trained is 1,500 baht per course, and we do ask each student to kindly donate at least 500 baht and their current employers to donate an additional 1,000 baht. If you would like to make a donation to Bliss Mae Baan Network, please visit our Contact Page for details. Thank you!