Mae Baan- Housekeeping Training 

Every member of the Bliss MB Network is required to complete and pass the Mae Baan – Housekeeping Training Course. The Bliss Mae Baan- Housekeeping Training Course takes place over the course of 5 days, each day consisting of specific teaching lessons surrounding the Bliss systematic approach to cleaning and caring for a home, uniquely tailored to the preferences and standards of general Western culture. The Bliss Mae Baan- Housekeeping curriculum includes professional and personal job- skill development and cultural lessons as well, taught each day by the Bliss MB Network multi-national training team.

Child Care Training

The Bliss MB Network Child Care Training Course takes place over 5 days, each day consisting of different teaching lessons surrounding the principles of common Western child care practices including: safety, hygiene, feeding, holding, interacting, identifying emergency situations, and more. Besides classroom learning, each student is trained and assessed two separate days in the homes of different foreign families. Each student must pass an assessment at the end of the week as well.