Bliss Training

Welcome, Bliss Ambassadors. Thank you for your willingness to be a part of our Team of Bliss Ambassadors! Together, we are advocating and supporting women who have been marginalized by their society and have been exploited by unfair wages, ethnic and sex discrimination, spouse abuse or abandonment, unsustainable work hours, and poor working conditions.

“Bliss is protecting marginalized women from exploitation.”

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Bliss Ambassador FAQs

  1. WHY should you become a Bliss Ambassador? Bliss Ambassadors are advocates and voices for the women in Thailand that are being marginalized by society.  As an Ambassador for Bliss you are protecting these women from further exploitation by providing them with marketable skill-training and new job opportunities.
  2. How can I become a Bliss Ambassador? Bliss Ambassadors are committed to gathering their friends to join together to intentionally pray for one Bliss Housekeeper each month, as well as to give $100 USD each month in support of the Bliss housekeeping training which she and other women attend. These trainings equip her and other women with the opportunity to apply for jobs that provide dignity and protection for them and their families. Your first step in joining with us begins at the join.pray.give button on our website. Once you sign up and give your first month’s donation, we will personally connect with you to send you and your friends Bliss T-shirts and information about the first Bliss Housekeeper you will be praying for.
  3. How much does it cost to train Bliss housekeepers in Thailand? The cost for each women to attend the Bliss training program is $130 USD. We ask the women who attend Bliss training to pay $30 USD as this encourages the women to take ownership in their training opportunity. Bliss covers the remaining $100 USD per women through your donations. Bliss also provides scholarships to some of the women who are not able to pay for their training.
  4. How does giving financially as a Bliss Ambassador specifically support Bliss? The $100 USD that you give each month supports the monthly operating costs for the Bliss training program. This includes: 2 Thai training staff leaders, the Bliss training center, curriculum development, cleaning supplies and equipment, as well as a T-shirt and certificate for each trainee who completes the program. We also maintain a Bliss Safe House that can be used by women who do not have a place to stay during the training program, or who encounter traumatic events and need a temporary safe place.
  5. How will I receive specifics on what to pray for the women of Bliss?  Bliss will email you each month with a bio and specific information about a Bliss Housekeeper who you and your friends can pray for. You can also follow us on Instagram at blissnetworkcm and on our Facebook page to see even more stories of joy coming from your investment in Bliss!